Boat Yard Rules

By accepting that the Club lifts and lays up your vessel, you are accepting these rules.

The SYC boat park purpose:

  • To be used as a working yard at economical rates.
  • To provide Members with a winter laying up facility, and
  • for repairing, refitting or fitting out boats.
  • Some longer term laying up will be allowed by agreement if space is available.
  • Preference will be given to Members’ requirements.

Launch Dates:

At the time of booking, you will be asked to provide, if not an actual launch date, an anticipated launch period. If you are not able to keep to this date and this necessitates the Boatswains having to move your or any other vessel, you will be responsible for any charges incurred.


Non-members are not allowed to use the boatyard services unless in the case of emergency.


The owner shall ensure that adequate insurance cover will be maintained for the duration. This must include a minimum of £3m third party liability.

Lifting Equipment

No lifting equipment of any description may be brought on to the boatpark without prior agreement of the Senior Boatswain or Secretary. (This is a condition of our insurers and any breach will result in the termination of your lay up rights).

Booking & Use of the Yard

A hoist booking form will be completed for any boats unknown to the Club and will form the basis of an agreement between the boat owner and the Club.

If reasonable progress is not made on a craft and its anticipated relaunch date will not be met, the Club reserve the right to charge double rate lay up after that date, and thereafter reserves the right to terminate the agreement and have the boat removed.

Double lay up rate will normally apply once two years have elapsed.

Note: If there are good, relevant reasons why work progress is delayed, the boat owner must write to the Club explaining the position and proper consideration will then be given to revising the existing agreement.

No structures are to be built around or over boats without the express permission of the Club.

All sails and dodgers must be removed within 48 hours of entering the boat park.

Boat names must be visible at all times and loose items suitably marked. Ladders must be securely padlocked when not in use.

Rubbish and discarded materials must be cleared away as they accumulate. Should the Club be involved in cost as a result of clearing rubbish, this will be charged to the boat owner concerned.

Any boat on Club premises being offered for sale must be notified to the Club immediately it is put on the market.

Electricity is via the Metermacs system with pre-registration through the office.

Users of the boat park are expected to act in a sensible manner as befits a Members’ Club and any unreasonable or unauthorised actions by boat park users will result in disciplinary action against the boat owner.

Spray Painting/Sanding/Grinding

Atomised spray application of any substance will only be possible with adherence to the following rules:

  • Before commencing work, you will attach wind break sheets to your boat and if appropriate cover adjacent boats with sheets to protect against over spray, and be erected in such a way as to prevent atomised spray escaping from the immediate area.
  • Work shall only be carried out on days when there is little or no wind, and notification shall be given to owners of boats immediately adjacent to your vessel. You must get permission from owners of those boats before attaching any wind breaks to their boats.
  • The Office will contact owners of these craft for you on your request. The same rules apply to any grinding off processes. You must prevent inhalation of any antifoul paints.
  • Failure to take care and avoid damage or nuisance to others will result in the termination of your freedom to spray apply paint at SYC.

Moving Props etc.

If you wish to move your props, this must be done by, or with the permission of, the Boatswain. Failure to comply with this could negate your insurance.