SYC Yard Panorama

SYC has one of the few proper boatyards on this part of the coast and is reached up the River Adur and Shoreham Port Eastern arm with good access over high water. Although income from our yard helps support our sailing and other activities at SYC, you'll find our rates are competitive, especially for members who enjoy special discounts.

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There is a large private slipway used to launch and recover yachts and dinghies with recovery assisted by a large powered capstan winch. The main slipway also has sturdy scrubbing posts which are free to use for members.

Importantly SYC has invested in a modern and efficient WISE 25 tonne boat hoist complete with a crane to handle engine and mast lifts. 

If you have a craft larger than 25 tonnes we have a craneage area where a suitable lift can be brought in - please talk to us about your requirements.

Run by a full time senior boatswain and assistant boatswains, the SYC yard can be busy and boat movements should be booked in plenty of time. Membership is a requriement for use of the boat yard.  We welcome yachtsmen, fishermen (both commercial and anglers). The yard itself is substantial and we work to accomodate both short term lift and scrub movements plus longer term layups and projects that can take many years to complete.

If you are interested in our yard service then please contact the SYC office.

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Boat Hoist DSC0846

The modern WISE 25 tonne boat lift