Storage under boats

31 January 2017

As anyone using the club boatyard will know we have for several years been trying to reduce and remove storage from under boats during lay-up.

There is now a very high likelihood that we will need to move boats and re-organise the boat yard on a regular basis as Tarmount Hard progresses and work is planned and then started on the proposed flood defences.

For this reason and after much discussion the moorings and maintenance committee have agreed with the club Boatswains that all unauthorised storage under and around boats on lay-up must cease so that boat movements required can be undertaken without delay or unnecessary time being spent moving personal items.

Where a member needs to store a significant item under or near their boat during lay-up they can, with the Boatswains' approval tally the item (tally’s from the office) so the item can be quickly identified and appropriately re-positioned.

MMC understand that a period of time will be required by some members to clear the way and have therefore asked that all storage under boats is cleared by 31 January 2017.

After this date any item that is not tallied and recorded may be removed and possibly disposed of without further notice and any costs incurred may be applied to the appropriate member’s account.

Thank you for your help in clearing the way for our Boatswains.

Terry Kinch
Chair MMC