Notice of General Meeting

To be held at Sussex Yacht Club, 85-89 Brighton Road, Shoreham, BN43 6RF

On Saturday 4 November 2017 starting at 10:00h

Notice is hereby given that a General Meeting of the Shareholders will be held in the Shoreham Clubhouse to consider the following special resolution proposed by The Board:

The Board of Directors of Sussex Yacht Club Ltd resolve to sell a strip of land along its frontage with the A259 Brighton Road, not to exceed 3.5m in width overall, to allow the local authority to erect a flood defence wall and new pavement with maintained access to the existing Sussex Yacht Club site. The sale price of the land will be £3.3 million pounds”

All members are invited to this General Meeting and may participate fully in the discussion however only SYC Shareholders will be able to vote on the motion. Shareholders will be required to sign-in on arrival and will be given voting chips to use when appropriate.

If you are unsure of your shareholding status, please email or contact the office who can advise you. Associate Members wishing to become Shareholding Members with the right to vote may do so up to 48 hours prior to the meeting start. There will not be a postal vote option for this resolution.

Any Shareholding Members unable to attend this meeting who wish to nominate a proxy to vote on their behalf, should complete the enclosed proxy form and return it to me no later than Thursday 2nd November 2017. You may nominate any person to act as your proxy as long as that person intends to be present at the meeting. Alternatively you may nominate the Chairman of the meeting, usually The Commodore, to act as your proxy. Would Members please note their rights under section 325 of the Companies Act 2006 relating to rights of nominated persons.

Further information on the proposal is available within the pages of the enclosed edition of Wavelength. In addition the Committee managing this project are meeting every Monday in the Royal Escape Room from 19:00h to 20:30h. These are not closed meetings and any member is

Welcome to attend. The committee meeting to be held on Monday 30 October will be an open question and answer session for any member wishing to come along and seek greater detail on the project in advance of the General Meeting on Saturday 4 November. We would urge you to attend this meeting especially if you have a complicated or detailed question as this will enable the committee to properly consider and respond to you and assist in preparedness for the Saturday.

The Committee respectfully request that any questions for the meeting are advised in advance to allow suitable research and enquiry of our consulting teams if required. Please email any questions to me at These questions will initially be tabled to the Committee meeting to be held on Monday 30 October and as such please submit them no later than Friday 27 October.

Please be assured that none of the advance meetings and requests for questions are intended to preclude proper debate at the General Meeting, we want to demonstrate that an open, transparent and complete process has been followed in accordance with the requests made at the General Meeting held in September 2016 and ensure that the General Meeting provides the membership with all the information required to enable each member to make a considered decision on the merits of the proposal.

It is hoped that the General Meeting will conclude by midday; Following protocol, The Commodore has instructed that the opening of the bar and restaurant is to be delayed until the General Meeting has closed.

The Steward will be offering complimentary tea and coffee prior to the meeting and will open the restaurant for normal lunch service as soon as possible after the meeting concludes.

By Order of The Board

Timothy D Leigh

Company Secretary