Rule 37 Update

Changes to the rule governing the allocation of Southwick moorings

The land on which our Southwick west pontoon is built is leased from the port and this lease expires in 2019. In addition, the physical structure of the jetty is now at the end of its design life. Rebuilding this jetty in the same location is not an option as it’s location conflicts with the ports own development plans for the Lady Bee marina. Accordingly a new layout for our Southwick moorings has been designed. Various configurations are under consideration but none provide the same number of berths at Southwick that we currently enjoy.

It is widely recognised that many boats on our Southwick moorings rarely or never go to sea or participate in club races or rallies. This is, of course, in contravention of the existing Rule 37, which requires moorings to be occupied by active boats. The club also must continue to attract active boat owners and that in turn means that such must be provided with moorings.  

Accordingly the various club committees have been working on a new rule 37 and the associated club procedures over the last 6 months. It is to be stressed that these would only come into effect during and after the construction of new moorings. After much deliberation, these changes to the way that moorings are allocated have been passed without objection by MC and subsidiary committees. 

Under the new procedures, moorings will be allocated on the basis of the owner’s usage. Those actively racing and rallying or otherwise going to sea in their boats will be allocated moorings giving preference to those who use their boats the most. The full text of the rule may be found on the website under here: and the associated policy may be found in the November 2018 main committee minutes