Membership Card & Fob Usage in the Bar

1 August 2019

At the Board meeting in June it was decided that after a year of planning it is now time for the Bar and Restaurant to fully utilise the electronic till system in order that members receive the discounted prices to which you are entitled; this will come into effect Thursday 1August 2019.

You will need to have either a fob or new chipped membership card that can be scanned. If you do not have either a fob or new chipped membership card please contact the office who will be happy to help.  These cannot be sent out in the post and therefore require that you either collect it from the office or from behind the bar with prior arrangement.

With effect from 1 August, the Bar and Restaurant till system will always default to non-member prices and members must present their fob or chipped membership card in order for the till to be over-ridden to price at member rates.

The Board agreed at their meeting on 10 June 2019 that there will be no exceptions to this policy.