More on Southwick Parking Restrictions from the Secretary

From 1 July 2019

About a month ago, wooden posts appeared along Riverside Road adjacent to our moorings. Upon enquiring of the Port why they were there, we were advised that the Port had contracted with a car parking enforcement company, GXS, to patrol, monitor and enforce car parking in all areas of Port controlled roads and car parks including Riverside Road and Lady Bee Marina car park.

Car parking enforcement would commence in these areas with effect from 31st July and permits were made available to SYC for distribution to berth holders and visitors to the boats, moorings, stores and clubhouse.

We have sought clarity from The Port about whether a permit issued by SYC would be valid in Lady Bee Marina Car Park, after all many SYC members crew on boats moored there and use the chandlers and the pub.

The Port have not provided the requested clarification and so, following a discussion with Graham Barnes, we believe that SYC issued permits will only be valid for parking along Riverside Road only. Our prime concern is to try and ensure that members are not given a parking fine and as such we would ask that if you have a permit issued by SYC, it should only be used to park along Riverside Road, i.e. in front of the Malthouse Cottage, our clubhouse and the roadway immediately west of the cottage.

Unless we are notified otherwise by Shoreham Port Authority parking permits with Sussex Yacht Club at the top will not be valid in any part of the Lady Bee Marina areas including the main car park, areas outside GP Barnes, areas outside the New Port Inn and any of the parking areas by the commercial units. You may receive a PCN fine for Parking in these areas with a Sussex Yacht Club permit.

If you crew on a vessel moored at Lady Bee, you will need to obtain a pass from GP Barnes to allow you to park in Lady Bee Marina Car Park.

If you are visiting the pub, we suggest you pop in and ask them what the car parking arrangements are as we are not aware.

If you have not obtained a pass from us yet, please call in and obtain one, we have limited stock and are currently unsure of resupply; we do have enough stock to issue at least one berth holder pass to each boat moored on our moorings and one or two visitor passes to each boat to issue to crew.

We would strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the parking regulations as they have been posted by The Port in order to avoid any confusion.

Old Town Hall Car Park and cobbled areas

The owners of this building have also contracted with GXS separately to patrol their owned areas. With immediate effect, please do not park in their car park or their paved areas around the building as a penalty notice will be issued (two have to SYC members already).

On behalf of The Commodore, we apologise for this notice and for the lack of clarity. We have operated only with the scant information provided to us by The Port, this information has not been consistent, notices have not been clear and we (including The Commodore directly) continue to try and engage in dialogue to obtain definitive information which we can then pass on to you.

If you are in any doubt, please contact The Port directly on 01273 598100 and speak with them as we are trying to do.

Finally, the validity of The Port to enforce parking along Riverside Road has been subject of a debate recently as some members consider the road to be historically owned by SYC. The current information indicates that The Port have title to the road and The SYC Flag Officers are seeking legal clarification on this aspect. In the interim, please observe the new rules to avoid a penalty notice.

Please do not shoot the messenger…much as you might like to!

Kind regards

Tim Leigh