Southwick Parking Restrictions

From 1 July 2019

Shoreham Port Authority are to begin car park enforcement across all their roads, car parks and any other areas.

The enforcement is due to begin with effect from 1st July, and a private company have been contracted to enforce the parking restrictions. Fines will be £100 and any appeal will have to be made direct to the enforcing company.

Motorbikes are included in the restrictions.  If a bike has nowhere to display the permit, the registration number needs to be lodged with enforcement company.

With regard to the road in front of the clubhouse in Southwick, we have negotiated to have a delayed start date for enforcement from 31st July as the lead in period is too short. Parking permits may be issued to any valid user for a parking space.  Please note, however, these will be issued to a vehicle and not to a person.

A 15 minutes grace period will be allowed by the enforcement company for offloading.

You may obtain your parking permit from the Office upon request.  It is hoped that 5 weeks’ notice should provide adequate time for regular users to obtain a parking permit.

Please note that after 31st July members will risk a fine if they do not display the correct permit. We do not know what form that will take.