Corona Virus

Coronavirus Update #02

As of Tuesday 17 March

Dear Member,

Further to the Coronavirus notification sent out last week, I wanted to up-date you on current and further contingency planning agreed over the weekend:

Current Measures:

  • The Bar and Office staff continue to sanitise all touch surfaces every hour when the bar and/or office are open.
  • Sanitisation down at Southwick will be increased with immediate effect (frequency of cleaner visits)
  • All bar, office, cleaning and boatswain staff have been grouped into operating cells and each cell will now work separately from the others wherever possible to minimise the chance of infection and to ensure business resilience in the event a cell has to isolate
  • The effect of the above will be to reduce numbers of staff in the office at any one time and as such, it may take slightly longer to respond to enquiries
  • The office would prefer enquiries to come via email so they can be picked up both in the office and if telecommuting
  • A five phase plan has been formulated to enable the club to respond to changes in footfall and official medical advice relating to COVID-19. This will be enacted as required and may vary from operations (boatswains), to administration (office), to social (bar and restaurant)
  • The Club is taking this disease very seriously, it is prioritising the health of its members, visitors and staff and will maintain business as usual to the best of its ability within this mandate
  • The Club is also very conscious that there will most likely be an effect on its finances as the disease spreads through the country as predicted. This plan allows for measures to be introduced to preserve its solvency short, medium and long term

I will continue to update you as matters change.

Thank you

Kevin Headon