Corona Virus

Coronavirus Update #03

As of Wednesday 18 March

Dear Member,

I regret the need to keep updating you on this but matters are evolving faster than anyone expected.

I will not repeat the content of the message you have already received but further to this:

  • After taking medical advice and further to the announcements yesterday by the PM, we have decided to close the kitchen.

  • Two wedding receptions booked for this week will go ahead only if the hirers wish it to be, the official advice does not change and the staff are willing to cater the event. Numbers for the receptions are diminishing and medical advice has been sought and is being followed regarding these events.

  • Mothering Sunday lunches have been cancelled. All those who have booked will have been advised personally.

  • We will constantly review the closure and the kitchen will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.

  • A number of the staff employed in the bar and kitchen have been offered some interim work with another organisation who are in the care industry and therefore have to remain open. We thank them for their generous assistance at this time.

  • The bar will remain open to a limited schedule until medical or government advice advises otherwise. This is not to promote gatherings but many people are choosing to work on their boats in the yard as this is reasonably isolationist. The bar serves as a place where they can obtain a drink (hot or cold, alcoholic or non) or snack. The chairs and tables have been placed a good distance apart and we would ask that they remain this way and people do not congregate in numbers and avoid close contact with bar staff, paying by card whenever possible.

  • Given the fluid situation of advice right now, we suggest you contact the office (01273 464868) during their open hours of 0900-1400 Monday to Friday to check bar opening hours. Do not ring the bar directly as it may well be closed.

  • It is quite possible the Office will shortly reduce down to one person manning each day with the other staff telecommuting. Please therefore bear with them if you choose to call or call into the office. Email will be best as all staff now have the ability to receive and send email from home.

  • Meetings at the Club, both internal and external will all but cease now. Chairs of Committees will decide if a meeting is critical to have face to face and will plan the meeting to avoid close contact and large numbers. The club is setting up a remote conferencing ability which committees can use instead.

  • The new clubhouse remains in build and will do so until or unless the contractors or the government orders the construction site to close.

  • The Royal Escape Race to France in May has been cancelled. It cannot be rescheduled for this year so will run again in 2021. Past entrants will be contacted directly by the race committee chairman via email.

  • Other sailing and training events apart from those crossing the channel will continue unless or until advised otherwise.

  • Sussex Yacht Club is not just a sailing club but a community of friends. If any of you are facing periods in isolation and need practical assistance, please let us know and we will endeavour to link you up with other members near to you who may be able to help.

Thank you once more for your forbearance

Kevin Headon