Wash your hands

Coronavirus Update #04

Tuesday 24 March

Dear Fellow Member and Friends,

The announcement last night by the Prime Minister has brought forward plans we expected to be putting into place next week or the week after. The below is a summary of what is and will or will not be happening at the club as we know it today.

This may well change as government advice changes and if so, we will advise you again. I will not repeat things that I have previously said in notifications already sent.

  • The Bar and Restaurant have closed until further notice. The first floor is being cleared down, cleaned and prepared for a safe closure.

  • The Office will be closed from today but there will be one person in each day during normal office hours.

  • The toilets and changing rooms at the west end of the building will be open to members in the normal manner.

  • The Boatyard and moorings will be checked daily by a member of staff and anything untoward will be advised to the owner.

  • The yard and mooring will remain open for members to attend to their boat. We would ask you to please ensure you maintain social responsibility and appropriate distances from everyone else.

  • Third party contractors on boats may attend as long as they again are aware and adhere to government guidelines on social distancing, numbers of people in gatherings and be responsible with hygiene etc.

  • All Club organised sailing activity is cancelled but members may use their boats at their discretion and within any guidelines the Port may impose on the water and locks for which they are responsible also.

  • All training activity is cancelled until further notice.

  • FYI, the construction of the new clubhouse will remain active until they are advised otherwise.

All the above will be under constant review as guidance changes. Please use email to contact the Office staff as these will be monitored all the time.

On behalf of everyone, I hope you all stay well and healthy. We are aware of at least two members who have possibly contracted this virus, neither confirmed and both recovering we are pleased to hear. Please follow the advice from the Prime Minister’s Office and let us hope we return to some form of normality as quickly as we can.

With my best wishes to everyone. STAY SAFE!

Kevin Headon