Coronavirus Update #10

Published Fri 29 May 2020

Dear Fellow Members,

I am pleased to be able to follow the Country in announcing the lockdown relaxation of elements of the club. Some of the changes will happen from tomorrow, Saturday 30 May, and some from Monday 1 June. 

The slipway at Shoreham will be open at weekends from tomorrow, Saturday 30 May, between the hours of 08:00 and 17:00 only.

  • Any vessels or vehicles inside the barriers after 17:00 will be locked in for the night. 
  • During the week, the barriers will continue to be opened and closed by the contractors and the slipway will be available only between their working hours as it has for the last two months.
  • The slipway will be cleaned before the weekend. 
  • Boat movements commence from 3 June so please bear in mind the hoist will need to take precedence on the slipway during their operational period over the high water. 
  • If you are involved with boat movements, please maintain social distancing from the Boatswains at all times and follow their instructions explicitly. 

The Office will be open to receive visitors from Monday 1 June.

  • Your entrance fob will not work; please ring the entrance buzzer and you will be let in one at a time to visit the Office.
  • Sanitiser will be at the entrance; please use it before coming further into the building.
  • Please follow the instructions posted inside the entrance and the social distancing measures put in place for your safety and that of Club Staff.
  • The first floor will not be open for Members.
  • The Office will be open during normal hours, 09:00-14:00 and will be minimally staffed.

The Toilets at Shoreham will be open for Members from Monday 1 June. 

  • The toilets will only be accessible via the west entrance to the building.
  • There will be no toilet access from the main entrance.
  • The toilets will be available only during Office hours 09:00-14:00.
  • Sanitiser will be at the entrance, please use it before coming further into the building.
  • The toilets should be used one at a time, there will be engaged/vacant signs on each toilet entrance and a lock on each which you may use to ensure your solitude.
  • Please be mindful of using the showers and potentially building a queue of people wanting the toilet.
  • Please observe social distancing and the notices posted.

The Southwick toilets will be open for Members from Monday 1 June.

  • Please follow the Government advice on social distancing and the instruction notices posted there.
  • Please advise the Office if you experience or notice the guidelines being abused and feel unsafe as a result.

I really hope the above is a small step towards the full opening of the club in the not too distant future. If Government guidelines on social distancing cannot be observed by Members using the buildings facilities, I cannot allow other Members and Staff to be put at risk and will have to close the clubhouses once again.

  • In all the steps above, we have been guided by Government advice and also medical advice kindly provided by our own in house expert.
  • I know a number of people have asked about the availability of the bar and restaurant and I regret that we must follow Government advice on this and these facilities will remain closed until we are permitted to re-open them safely.

With my best wishes, please keep safe.

Kevin Headon