Coronavirus Update #11

Published Mon 29 Jun 2020

Dear Fellow Members,

This update is hopefully the last from me on the topic of the lockdown and easing of lockdown for Members, Visitors and Staff of Our Yacht Club.

If things change for the worse, I will of course email you again but hopefully my future emails will be far more upbeat than the Coronavirus news sheets sent out to date.

  • I firstly wish to express my gratitude to Steve Vyse, who has been sending out all these newsletters at very little notice whilst many of our Office Staff have been on furlough and unable to undertake this directly.

  • You may not be aware but throughout this pandemic we have had a small group meeting regularly discussing all aspects of club operations, which to close, which to open, when and how. They have met often at unsociable hours and with little notice and I wish to thank them for their diligence, caring, common sense and medical expertise which has helped to make our club and us as safe as it can be.

  • I would like to also thank all our Staff; Office, Yard, Hospitality and Ancillary, those who have kept the sails of the club flying for the last three months and those who have been on furlough, with all the uncertainty that forced absence from the work environment brings.

  • The Staff have returned to work over the last month in small numbers as areas of our operations have started to reopen, more will return in the next month as Government restrictions ease. One or two who have greater need to shield, either for themselves or for others, will continue to remain on furlough or primarily work from home where this is possible.

Sailing and other water based activities:

  • Organised sailing will recommence on Saturday 4 July with a pursuit race starting at 10:00 on the Saturday and an inshore race on the Sunday starting at the same time. Pursuits will be run as they always have, the inshore races will be gate starts.

  • Dinghy racing will resume in August.

  • NEW activity – Stand Up Paddle Boarding, training and hire will commence in August.

  • Adam Thompson, Rear Commodore - Afloat, will be distributing through email and website, a detailed news sheet in the next day or two. All your questions about the above announcements will be covered in this.

    If anything in the above or his news sheet is of interest, please ensure you join one or more of the Whats App groups that will allow multi way discussion on events and up to the minute details, notices, announcements and revisions.

    To join any group just email the office with name and mobile number to add to the group and we will pass your details to the administrator.

Bar and restaurant:

  • The Bar will re-open on Saturday 4 July with an Independence Day themed re-opening.

  • It is expected the bar will initially open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 16:00 on Friday and midday at the weekend, closing time based upon demand but no later than 23:00.

  • Opening maybe extending to other weekdays if demand warrants it.

  • Private functions that can be held in line with Government guidelines will be held.

  • The restaurant will not reopen initially as the regulations are much more stringent. We are looking at how we may be able to open the restaurant in the next few weeks to at least offer a Sunday lunch service and a limited menu on other days. Meanwhile, Natalie is looking into a range of fresh and delicious bar snacks that you will be able to purchase.

  • Details of the reopening of the first floor and balcony are being finalised at this time to ensure adherence to Government guidelines.

  • The Bar staff will be accepting card/contactless payment only please. Do not bring cash, there will be no float.

  • Notices about how and where to order, how and where to pay, will be posted in the bar and other social areas. Please, please, please follow these no matter how familiar you may be with others and respect others especially the bar staff who will perhaps be putting themselves at heightened risk to serve you.

  • I can advise you that everyone visiting the first floor of the clubhouse will be asked to sign a visitors book with date, time, name and contact number. This will be used purely so that, in the event of the contact, track and trace system needing to identify people who may have come into proximity of an infected person, we can assist with accurate and timely data. CCTV and access control data will also be used to support this system.


The new clubhouse is coming along well. It will be delayed from our hoped for handover in early summer, to late summer. Covid has not helped with this project with our windows languishing in Lithuania. They are on their way but in several stages whilst the factory gets back up to speed and Europe reopens borders.


Sailability is restarting on 3 July with a three day session over the weekend prepping the boats and some limited sailing to test their new operating guidelines around distancing.

Their sessions will take priority over use on the slipway for obvious reasons, please respect their planned and broadcast event and if you wish to launch or recover or use the slipway for another purpose, speak with the Officer of The Day and agree a workable plan with them please.

Video Meeting with Me

On Thursday 16 July at 19:00, I will be hosting a dial in Zoom video meeting for anyone who cares to join. I want to update you on various projects and initiatives not mentioned in this news sheet and provide an opportunity for a Q & A session.

  • The link to the meeting is here:

    Meeting ID: 899 0008 7522
    Password: 438240

  • Please click the link just before the scheduled start time and you will be able to join the meeting (For those that have not used Zoom, you will be asked to launch the Zoom application so it will be easier if you download and install Zoom before the meeting starts).

I have been very fortunate to have the backing of a dedicated team of fellow Flag Officers, Directors and some elder statesmen at the club who have been there for the last few months, in extraordinary circumstances to assist, guide and discuss with me, so many new facets of the club’s operations, finances and welfare that few of us have ever faced before or hopefully will ever face again in our lifetimes. I thank you all!

Thank you, continue to stay safe and well.

Kevin Headon

29 June 2020