Return to Racing

Update VI Issued 10 July 2020

Dear all, Firstly, I must apologise on behalf of the Keelboat Section for what has been a flow of quite conflicting information recently.

Those of you who have been following this will know that we have been seeking ways of allowing crewed competitive sailing on keelboats to recommence. The tools we have been using for this exercise are, amongst other sources, advise from the RYA and the ever-changing guidance coming from central government on family and friends social interaction.


On the face of it, the central government advise seems to allow us to race our boats. However, the more one looks at it, the trickier it is to morph the guidance together with our Notice of race, Sailing Instructions and Racing Rules of Sailing. Not only that, there is a view that we are stretching the guidance to a point verging on promotion of an illegal action under the C19 legislation. Thus, exposing the club to an unnecessary risk.

Racing is currently planned for the following dates, Sunday 12th, 19th & 26th of July. At our keelboat Section meeting yesterday evening, the decision was taken to postpone the first race on the 12th.

There are two reason main for this action;

  • The Keelboat Section committee has agreed that the guidance from central government is not appropriate for the reintroduction of a competitive team sport such as crewed yacht racing
  • New guidance has been announced on Thursday 9th July regarding opening up of gyms, pools and other sporting facilities. Along with this we are expecting further advise over this weekend which should allow competitive team sporting activity to recommence.

We feel that this new advice and relaxation of the restrictions could well be far more appropriate guidance on which to make plans for reintroduction of crewed racing.

Your committee has a meeting planned for Tuesday 14th July, by then we hope to have had this new guidance and be in a position to make plans for reintroduction of crewed racing. As soon as we have an update for you we will be in touch via Email and WhatsApp.

I hope you accept my opening apology and will bear with us while we do our work to get things moving in the right direction.

Please note, the plans in place for Pursuit sailing are not affected by this statement.

Robin Stevenson
Racing Secretary