Coronavirus Update #15

Published Sunday 28 Feb 2021

Dear Fellow Member,

It is with huge relief and delight I can now contact you to advise the dates when our various facilities will reopen albeit with certain restrictions still in place.

Please note the below dates where these are relevant to your enjoyment of the club’s respective facilities:

  • 8 March – The office, open as always for contact during normal office hours, will be taking bookings for launches of boats from the yard, these to commence on 15 March.

  • 8 March – A ‘festival’ toilet facility will be made available for members using the yard as the new clubhouse cannot yet be occupied and the old one is unlikely to be able to reopen.

  • 15 March – The Yard will reopen for Members and launches only will take place this week during the spring tides.

  • 29 March – The Yard will be fully open and will be pleased to accept bookings for launches and recoveries.

  • 29 March – The Office will revert to 2 person manning with others telecommuting as before.

  • 29 March – Organised sailing and watersports activity will recommence in this week (full details to be advised by separate notification).

  • 29 March – Outdoor training activities will recommence (full details to be sent out by our Training Administrator).

  • 17 May – Indoor training activities will recommence (full details to be sent out by our Training Administrator) – at Southwick if Shoreham clubhouse unavailable.

  • 17 May – The Office will open (subject to building works being on schedule) with full manning in the new clubhouse.

  • 17 May – The New Clubhouse will open its doors to the membership (subject to building works being on schedule and the then Covid restrictions in place remaining unchanged).

  • 21 June – All social restrictions lifted.

I am sure it goes without saying that any and all Government restrictions on socialising, distancing, wearing of masks, and numbers congregating together both inside and out will continue to apply and all of the above dates are dependent on the restrictions being lifted in line with the Government announcements made earlier this week.

The move to and use of the new clubhouse is fully dependent also on the building works which commence on 8 March, meeting a very tight schedule to make the building legally compliant to open its doors on 17 May. There are many circumstances under which this might slip so please bear with us and with our contractors whilst they strive to meet a date some two weeks earlier than was being suggested originally.

The Office has to remain operating from the old clubhouse until we can move the IT and telecoms across to the new one. We will advise this date when known. At the very latest, the office will move out of the old clubhouse on 15 April and if it cannot occupy the new clubhouse by this date, all office functions will be managed remotely.

I am very much looking forward to welcoming you put on the water and to the club. I will be there to greet you on day one of our full opening (plus no doubt many other days and evenings).

In sailing

Kevin Headon

SYC Commodore
February 2021