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Dogs and the Clubhouse

Policy regarding dogs in the Clubhouse.

At the Main Committee meeting in April 2022, the Board voted to allow dogs back into the Clubhouse. This was agreed on the basis that House Committee provided a policy and guidance for the staff on how to police the issue. The policy is as follows:

  1. Any dog entering the Club must be clean and dry.

  2. All dogs entering the Club must be on a lead at all times and under the control of their owner.

  3. No dogs will be allowed on the furniture at any time.

  4. If a Director of Sussex Yacht Club or the senior employee of the Club present in the bar at the time should determine, at their absolute discretion, that any dog is displaying aggressive behaviour or is becoming a nuisance to the other Club users, they will ask the owner of the dog to remove their pet and the owner must comply with this request forthwith.

  5. If a dog owner wishes to feed or water their dog whilst on the Club premises, they must do so on the balcony or outside the Clubhouse.

  6. The dog owner must ensure that their dog does not impede any access, egress or fire exit.

  7. No dogs will be allowed in the restaurant (other than assistance dogs) except where the restaurant has been hired for exclusive use for a private function.