Boat Yard Rules

By accepting that the Club lifts and/or lay-up of your vessel, you are accepting these rules.

• To be used as a working yard at reasonable rates for Club Members.
• To provide Club Members with a winter laying up facility, carry out annual maintenance and for repair, refit or fitting out boats
• Some longer term lay up will be allowed by prior agreement if space is available for longer projects

Prior to use:
• Users are expected to act in a sensible manner. Any unreasonable or unauthorised actions by users will result in disciplinary action
• Valid insurance cover for the boat must be provided at the time of booking and maintained for the duration of lay up. This must include a minimum of £3m third party liability
• You will be asked to provide an anticipated or actual launch date. If you do not keep to this date and this necessitates the Boatswains having to move your vessel to access another you will be responsible for any charges incurred
• Electricity in the yard is only available through registration with Meter Macs, a pre pay smart electricity metering system. Details are available from our website
• Please ensure you know the lifting points of your vessel. The Boatswains are not responsible for the correct lifting of your vessel
• No-one is permitted to live aboard any vessel whilst in our yard. Members may stay aboard whilst work is actively taking place

• Vessels will be invoiced monthly. Invoices are due upon receipt
• All accounts are to be settled and payment in full received prior to the launch of any/all vessels including the costs of the launch and any ancillary charges
• Vessels in the yard for any period beyond one year will be charged at double rate and beyond two years at triple rate unless prior exemption is applied for by the owner and granted by the Secretary or Chair of Moorings and Maintenance Committee

Whilst in the Yard:
• Prior permission is to be obtained from the Boatswain or Secretary if you wish to high pressure blast your boat (with any type of medium)
• No structures are to be built around or over boats without prior permission
• Any boat being offered for sale must be notified to the Club as soon it is put on the market. No signage is permitted
• When Spray Painting/Sanding/Grinding, your vessel must be fully and properly sheeted. All mess created must be fully cleared up immediately upon completion of the work.
• All Contractors must report to the office on arrival and provide a copy of their public liability insurance policy for a minimum of £3 million cover

Vehicle Parking:
• Please park clear of any access required for boat movements. Vehicles left unattended obstructing boat movements will be towed/moved without notice
• Untaxed or SORN vehicles are not permitted on Club premises
• No tent, caravan (motor or trailer) or other vehicle adapted or designed for
sleeping may reside overnight on club property without permission
• Vehicles are not permitted to stay on club property for more than seven consecutive days with out express permission

• Owners of vessels must provide their own access onto boats once ashore
• Ladders or Staging that are not of a suitable nature will be removed on Health & Safety grounds.
• Spray hoods, dodgers, sails must be removed on day of lift out into the yard
• All precautions against the outbreak of fire must be taken. Keep gas bottles, fuel and flammables to minimum whilst ashore
• Props may only be moved by the Boatswain. Failure to comply with this could negate your insurance
• No lifting equipment may be brought on to club premises without prior agreement of the Boatswain or Secretary. (This is a condition of our insurers and any breach will result in the termination of your lay up)

Rubbish / Storage:
• No fittings, equipment, supplies, stores or any other property shall be stored or left at the Club other than as agreed by the Boatswain or Secretary
• The Owner must ensure that they or their Contractor clear and remove all waste materials daily after work on the boat
• The area under and around the boat must be kept clear. All items under or around your vessel may be removed and disposed of at your cost, agreed and unstepped masts may be stored
• Except whilst transporting items to or from the boat, the Owner/offsite contractor must not leave or store any items on the pontoons, pathways, walkways, car parks, yard or anywhere else on club property
• The disposal of out of date flares or other pyrotechnics is the sole responsibility of the Owner and cannot be disposed of by the Club
• The Club has limited waste / refuse capacity. Please remove all your boat refuse to the local amenity tip and recycling site along the road

By Order of The Chair, Moorings and Maintenance Committee

As revised to 1st October 2016

You can download these rules as a PDF here