Dieppe Offshore Race/Rally? and Summer Cruise

Folly Inn Solent Rally SCV0854Friday 12 - Sunday 14 June and Summer Cruise 14 June - Sunday 28 June 2020

We have included Dieppe in the schedule but you will see that we have a question mark against it. The reason is that the summer cruise follows on immediately from this weekend; the plan is to go to Holland and a number of people have expressed a desire to go there. Before we make a commitment to go to Dieppe, we would like to check weather conditions. If they are favourable, we will include Dieppe and continue east afterwards. If they not we may choose to sail up towards Dover so that we can make it to Holland in less time. As the race is in the schedule everyone has the right to do the race and stay in Dieppe if they choose to do so. Even if Jenny and I choose not to go to Dieppe we will be happy to help with any arrangements.

For further details and to register your interest, please contact our Rally Secretarys, Jenny & Tim Worsfield on the SYC Rallies WhatsApp group or by email sailing-section@sussexyacht.club.