Nab Tower Offshore Race 2021

Nab Tower

Sunday 19 September 2021

This should be the 5th and final race in the Offshore Series, but because of Covid restrictions is the only one to have survived. It heads out to the Nab Tower and then returns to Shoreham, the course gives Skippers some choice of routeing making it an extra interesting race. Further details are in the the Keelboat Section Handbook but are repeated below.

Offshore Series Race 5
Nab Tower Race Sunday 19th September, start 09:00

Start on the Old Fort line, SYC W to port, Rampion marks N cardinal, Mast (NW) to port (also keeping all wind turbines to port, no cutting inside), Nab Tower to port, South Pullar to port, Rampion Mast (NW) and N cardinal to starboard and keeping all Rampion wind turbines to starboard (no cutting inside) and then to the Finish.

A boat finishes when she has SYC 2 to starboard and bearing 180°.

Boats should take their own finish time, which should be sent to the “SYC Racing” WhatsApp group within 2 hours of finishing.