Mark Status

The purpose of the table below is to report any issues with our racing marks. If you are aware that one is off station or missing then please contact the office and post a note on the SYC Racing WhatsApp group.

The information on this page should be used by Race Officers when planning racing.  

Racing Mark Information at 16 August 2021

Race Mark Name Official Lat Official Lon On Station? Actual Lat Actual Lon
E East 50° 49.18N 0° 15.43W Yes    
W West 50° 49.17N 0° 16.41W Yes    
1 50° 48.81N 0° 17.90W Yes    
2 New 50° 48.45N 0° 16.76W Yes    
3 50° 47.86N 0° 17.92W Yes    
4 Ambex 50° 47.35N 0° 16.30W No  50° 47.50N 0° 15.93W 
5 New Sewer 50° 47.87N 0° 13.71W Yes    
6 Delbuoy 50° 48.54N 0° 15.05W Yes  
Mast 50° 49.64N 0° 16.05W Yes    
  Beechams 50° 48.47N 0° 19.48W Yes    


All marks now in position as above.